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Confirmation Summit Resources

These are videos, links and resources provided at the NE MN Synod Confirmation Summit in October 2017.

Videos of Summit Presentation with Dr. Terri Elton

Resources and Handouts

Curriculum Providers

Other Resources

Leadership Development around Confirmation

The Confirmation Project
The Confirmation Project researched five Protestant denominations in North America to learn the extent to which confirmation and equivalent practices are effective for strengthening discipleship in youth.

Wondering About Confirmation
This resource is from the Practice Discipleship Initiative. It includes links to video, webinar and curriculum you can use on your own or with a group.

3TC Webinar, January 2016
3TC is a monthly webinar provided by the ELCA Youth Ministry Network. You must be a member of the Network to log in to the 3TC archives.

Rethinking Confirmation
Leading thinkers and speaker that presented at Luther Seminary’s annual “Rethinking” event.

Word and World: Confirmation IssueThis quarterly journal for Luther Seminary shares articles and editorials based on the Confirmation Project.

NE MN Synod Nuts and Bolts Event: Confirmation Conversations
This is the PDF of the Confirmation Conversations workshop at the NE MN Synod Nuts and Bolts Event in March 2018.