Lay Leader Yearly Intensive Series

Lay Leader Network Yearly Intensive Series

As a life-long learning program, the Yearly Intensive Series is designed to give adult students opportunity to grow in their faith for the purposes of personal spiritual development, biblical and theological learning and enhancing missional leadership. It promotes intentional conversation for the discernment of gifts to be used in various ways in ministry and leadership within a person’s current congregation and in his/her community.

Yearly Intensive Series “at a Glance”
Each program year comprises four day-long seminars led by accomplished Synod theologians, various assigned readings and tasks, opportunities to engage in group learning between seminars, and exercises for the encouragement of individual discernment and spiritual growth, and skills enhancement.

Content includes:

  • Biblical Study/Lutheran Theology (35%)
  • Leadership and Spiritual Development (30%)
  • Engaging Missional Context (20%)
  • Specific Ministry Focus (15%)

The Yearly Intensive Series’ biblical study content aligns with the ELCA lectionary, encouraging new students to enter the three-year program cycle at any year.


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Who can join the Yearly Intensive Series?

Any person desiring a deeper understanding of God, with an open mind for biblical and theological learning through a Lutheran lens, and/or anyone seeking to build his/her capacity for living out his/her calling in their congregation and/or community as a leader and/or servant of Christ, is welcome to enter the Intensive Series!

Why engage in the Intensive Series?

The Yearly Intensive Series may increase a student’s confidence and abilities to take on different or additional roles within his/her own congregation and/or community. Depending upon one’s individualized discernment process, it might also lead one to pursue additional education or training.

Is the LLN Intensive Series is considered training to become a Deacon or Synodically Authorized Ministry (SAM)?

No, involvement in the Lay Leader Network is for personal enrichment and it is not an avenue for rostered ministry within the church.

Persons who wish to seek rostered ministry should contact the synod office and will need to complete candidacy requirements.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to be part of the LLN. There is, however, a $230 annual fee for the Intensive Series (does not include books, materials or student travel expense.) See specific fliers for fees pertaining to other events, gatherings, etc. Scholarships are available. Contact your pastor or Monica.


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