Mission Interpreter Ministry

Telling the story of our hands doing God’s work in the world. This ministry is storytelling, Walking Together collaborations, and the development of SOFIA (stories of faith in action). 

What Do Mission Interpreters Do?

  • Thank people for what they do in Jesus’ name
  • Inform people about how their giving makes a difference in the lives of others
  • Teach people about the ministries and contexts we serve together
  • Inspire people to be aware of and connected to ministries of the church
  • Tie together our efforts in common ministry
  • Invite people to be active participants and supporters of the mission we share
  • Mission Interpreters are volunteers who help bring to life the stories of how our offerings and gifts are transformed into effective ministries through our ELCA and ELCA mission partners.
  • Mission Interpreters remind us how we make a difference in Christ’s mission and the work of the church.
  • They thank people for their faithful giving, share information, provide resources, and give guidance on doing God’s work through the congregation, our synod, our churchwide organization and mission partners.
  • This is accomplished through talks, presentations, visits with councils and committees, social media, church newsletters, etc. Our Mission Interpreters Team will help provide you with these resources.

Why Have Mission Interpreters?

When Christians understand their baptismal identity as co-workers in a wider church, they become strong advocates supporting the mission and ministry we share beyond the congregation, through our synod, our churchwide organization and partner organizations.

The Mission Interpreter Ministry helps congregations by increasing the understanding of the work we do together. Members of the congregation see how they are personally connected to mission and ministry around the world.

How Mission Interpretation Strengthens Congregations

  • Supports congregations as centers for mission in their community and beyond
  • Connects congregations with our synod and our churchwide ministries to increase opportunities for participation and support  
  • Grows faithful and courageous leaders to serve within and beyond the congregation
  • Supports Rostered Leaders in their role as missional leaders
  • Teaches congregations creative ways to approach new challenges and opportunities
  • Increases regular, special and planned giving within the congregation

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