Mission Interpreter Ministry

Telling the story of our hands doing God’s work in the world. Mission Interpreter Ministry is storytelling, Walking Together collaborations, and the sharing of stories of faith in action (SOFIA). 

Mission interpreters are volunteers from congregations who:

  • Tell the story of how our gifts and talents are transformed by God into ministries that benefit the world.
  • Relay information about initiatives that impact our communities.
  • Remind us of how we make a difference in Christ’s mission and the work of the Church.
  • Help create cultures of gratitude where others are thanked for their faithful giving of time, talents, and financial gifts.

We have a story to tell!

Working together, we make Christ known in ways that no individual member or single part of the church can do alone. By increasing our understanding of the work we do together and sharing these stories with others, we see God reforming the world through us.

Help us plant Mission Interpreter Ministry in every congregation. Join our Mission Interpreter Network today!

For we cannot stop speaking about what we have                                        seen and heard. Acts 4:20

Congregations are strengthened because mission interpreter Ministry:

  • Welcomes courageous and faithful leaders to serve.
  • Connects congregations across our synod and the church, increasing opportunities for support and partnership.
  • Supports ministers in their role as missional leaders.
  • Reforms how members see their personal connection to mission and ministry around the world.
  • Inspires congregations through the stories of others to dream creative ways to approach new challenges and opportunities.
  • Celebrates congregations as hubs for mission in their communities and beyond.

For more information

Email Julie lepisto, mission interpreter network coordinator, to discuss becoming a mission interpreter in your congregation.

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