OMG/Spent Dandelion

Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen

Anna Madsen is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), with a Ph.D. in theology from the University of Regensburg, Germany.

​An accident that killed her husband and inflicted a traumatic brain injury on her small son rearranged her family, her theology, her faith, her view of the world, and her vocation.

With her experience and experiences, Anna speaks around the country to synod assemblies, clergy convocations, lay learning conferences, and consultations for synods and congregations as well.

She also provides one-on-one continuing education and vocational support for clergy, and theological direction for laity.

Consider inviting Anna to your next gathering, planning retreat, or for a private conversation about faith, life, and theology too!

Spent Dandelion

Think, write, read, and grow while enjoying the serenity and sights found only along Minnesota’s North Shore.

The Spent Dandelion Theological Retreat Center offers a gorgeous, private studio apartment for your stay. Above a detached garage, the space holds one queen and one full bed, offering sleeping options for two adults and two children, or two adults who know each other well!

Inclusive in the rate is one hour of theological conversation per day of your stay with Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen, a systematic theologian and an ordained Lutheran pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Her 4000+ library is available to you during your stay (volumes being added weekly); peruse and “check-out” the books piquing your interest before your arrival, find them waiting for you in the studio. Of course, enjoy its use while you are here!

In the apartment itself, feel at home with the kitchenette, the private bathroom and shower, and the deck overlooking the private woods. Peek through the telescope to peer into the night skies, and peek through the trees to be rewarded with a view of Lake Superior.

For your studying/writing/reflecting needs, enjoy the use of our free wi-fi and private printer in the comfort of the studio.

Listen for the coyotes and wolves, watch for the deer, get your fingers dirty in the garden and help yourself to its produce, and eat an apple from the tree just outside your screen door.

And as a way of even further stewarding the wonder of this place, 3% of your stay will be donated to your choice of either Lutheran Refugee and Immigration Services, or Bread for the World.

Welcome to the promise of retreat, reflection, and restoration along Minnesota’s scenic North Shore!


What is OMG: Center for Theological Conversation?

​At OMG, people are free to wonder about faith, religion, the Bible, and God.

OMG is for those who wonder about God, and God and suffering, loneliness, history, politics, doubt, world religions, biblical interpretation, addictions, science, families, grief, truth, poverty, divorce, art, agnosticism, atheism, personal finances…and who want to delve into deeper thought about the religious, theological, and faith intersections between them.