Synod Journey Resources

The NE MN Synod

The 2022 Synod Journey will explore how we are deeply rooted to be connected to a God beyond measure through the themes of LOVE, CREATION, FORGIVENESS, INVITATION, AND PROMISE. ​

2022 Synod Journey Bible Studies

These are the Bible Studies used during the Synod Journey event. You are invited to use and adapt for your congregation and beyond!

Synod Journey “Grab and Go” Getting Ready Curriculum

The Synod Journey Worship and Resource team has adapted the ELCA Getting Ready Curriculum into 5 easy to follow, low prep sessions for you to use with your group. The format of the sessions will help to connect your group to the Synod theme. Each Session includes the following sections:

  • WE ARE: This is how we will open every session and will include an opening prayer, group activity, and highs and lows. This is where the group can bond and form the identity of WE ARE.
  • DEEPLY ROOTED: Holy Scripture keeps us rooted in faith. We will look at the scripture lesson and take some time to wonder and talk about how it relates to us.
  • CONNECTED: Digging a little deeper, we will explore how Scripture connects us to God, to each other, to our congregation, to the community and to the world.
  • BOUNDLESS: How can we live out God’s boundless love for us? Where is God calling us to go beyond our own boundaries of the church walls, friend groups, biases and comfort zones.

​The  sessions are designed to last about 45 minutes with some “if you have more time” options. They are written so you could easily hand some or all of it to one or more youth to lead.

Supplies needed for sessions are minimal:    Pens, markers, post it notes, strips of cloth, and paper.

Would you like to go deeper with your group? The Synod Journey “Grab and Go” resources are adapted from the ELCA Getting Ready Materials. You are invited and encouraged to use these rich resources as you deeply root your group in scripture and connect them to a boundless God!


If you would like to download the sessions in Word or access individual handouts for the game instructions or Baptismal Promise, click here.

The Synod Journey Worship Team has put together a Top 10 List of ways you can use the “Grab and Go Curriculum” beyond preparing your group for the Synod Journey! For all ages – and for those not attending the Synod Journey!