Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a practice of listening for God within the life of the life of the directee. A Spiritual Director’s role is to hold space, pray, listen, and ask questions to help a directee notice God’s presence in their life and respond to God’s invitations. In addition to individual sessions, group Spiritual Direction is also an option.

Spiritual Direction may be useful to help you deepen your spiritual life, grow in wholeness, find God in difficult times, and engage in discernment during times of transition or to weigh new possibilities. It may be useful in addition to professional counseling, but does not replace it.

Every Spiritual Director is different. Typically, a Spiritual Director is a professional to whom you would pay a fee for their services. This may vary. Your initial meeting is typically free of charge and is an opportunity to discuss the Spiritual Director’s style and your needs.

There is no one Spiritual Direction certification, but there are a number of programs through which directors might be trained. Some local organizations with training programs and other offerings include: Christos Center for Spiritual Formation, Center for Spirituality and Enrichment: St. Scholastica Monastary: McCabe Renewal Center, and the Fransican Spirituality Center. Some Spiritual Directors choose to be listed on sdiworld.org.

If you’re interested in connecting with an ELCA Spiritual Director or if you are a Spiritual Director and would like to be on a list for inquiries, please contact the NEMN Synod Office.