Stewardship and Generosity

Generous Together is a year-round stewardship experience, intended for congregational use. The initiative is a collaboration between the Northeastern Minnesota Synod and Southeastern Minnesota Synod of the ELCA. 

Why Generous Together?

In the Northeastern and Southeastern Minnesota Synods, we believe that generosity is already (and has always been) taking place in our congregations! Yet, many churches often do not know how to name it, claim it, and give language to it. The same goes for inspiring the story of generosity and future giving. The hope of Generous Together is to nurture spiritual settings where the wisdom “in the room” has space to breathe, and people are invited to play with the generous spirit within them.

What makes this initiative unique from other stewardship programs is the incorporation of experience. By utilizing The Generosity Project curriculum, congregations are invited to experience first-hand what generosity feels like. To use their five senses in telling God’s story at work in their lives of faith. And to do it all together – across generations, political divides, synods, and across the economic spectrum that exists in our churches. To experience community, while experiencing the joy of giving!

Generous Together is made up of two parts and two groups:

The Parts:

The Generosity Project (TGP) was originally created by Linda Staats as a curriculum in the Grand Canyon Synod, ELCA. Its purpose is to connect generations, equip households, and create centers for the faith practice of generosity. For more information, visit The Generosity Project website.

Core Stewardship Practices such as developing a fall campaign, incorporating gratitude practices, creating narrative budgets, developing endowments, telling our ministry stories, and encouraging planned giving.

The Groups:

TGP Facilitators are individuals from each synod who will be trained in the TGP model. These may be rostered leaders, but likely lay leaders skilled in faith formation, teaching, and engaging large intergenerational groups of people.

Generous Together Teams will be 5-6 members of a cohort congregation who are passionate, curious, and committed to generosity in their church.

If your congregation is interested in participating or for more information, please contact Pastor Taryn Montgomery.