Wonder Resources

The 2016-2017 Discipleship Challenge calls us into a year of WONDERING about faith formation and mission. What is God up to? Where is God calling us? Wondering reminds us that God is already at work in our midst. Wondering gives us hope. Wondering changes us. Wondering transforms our conversations. Wondering renews leaders. Wondering frees us to go about faith formation in new ways. Wondering stirs our imaginations for mission. Wondering leads us into new ways of being. Wondering helps us know and follow Jesus.

Congregations and Leaders are invited into this challenge for 2016-2017: Ten Minutes

Spend ten minutes at the start of every council meeting, every board meeting, every adult forum, every activity night, every potluck, every time members – young, middle and old – gather, to wonder together.

To wonder deeply about faith.
To wonder deeply about following Jesus.
To wonder deeply about faith formation.
To wonder deeply about mission.

Why Wonder?

You can read more about this year’s theme of Wonder and the Ten Minute Challenge in the 2016 Youth Ministry Report to the Synod Assembly. Simon Sinek Video on WHY referenced in the Youth Ministry Report: How Great Leaders Inspire Action


Below are resources to help you get started as you WONDER together. The left column includes links to videos and resources framed around the wonder questions lifted up in the Ten Minute Challenge. The right column are Practice Discipleship resources from the 2016-2017 theme, Wonder, adapted for the Ten Minute Challenge. More links will be added throughout the year. Please email us with resources you have found helpful!

After watching a video or using a resource, be sure to spend time wondering together! If no questions are suggested with the resource, you might consider discussing some of the questions below or in this handout.


Practice Discipleship: Wonder

The resources below were adapted from the 2016-2017 Practice Discipleship curriculum, Wonder, to be used as five minute devotions, 10-15 minute discussions, 30-45 minute sessions, or use the original curriculum for a one hour discussion/study. Webinars can be paused for group discussion as questions are posed.

If you would like any of the resources below in Word format so you can adapt for your context, please email Catherine Anderson.

Wondering at Creation

Wondering about Confirmation

Wondering about the Church

Wondering Creatively

Wondering with Children and Youth

Wondering through Service Learning

Wondering in Prayer

Did you know the NE MN Synod has a large (approx. 24′ X 27′), walkable prayer labyrinth available for synod congregations to borrow for no cost? For more information and to reserve, email Catherine Anderson.