Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp is about equipping youth with leadership skills to live out their faith in their church, school, activities, and everywhere they go.

If you are a congregation that has a vision to connect youth with meaningful relationships, deeply root them in faith, and equip them to lead in your church and beyond, Leadership Camp is for you!

Participants are steeped in Peer ministry skills, equipped to lead large group activities and small group discussions, grounded in Lutheran theology and Bible, and connected in deep relationships with others who share a love of Jesus and want to grow in faith. Congregation Teams and Individuals leave Leadership Camp with a plan for how they want to use their skills when they return home. And of course, there is plenty of fun activities, free time, mystery events, and worship ​at campfires!

​Leadership Camp is especially designed for our smaller congregations who don’t have a Youth Director with the skills to train and equip youth as leaders. You don’t need a large team – most congregations bring 1-2 youth with an Adult Leader. We hope one of your volunteer leaders is able to attend and grow with your youth, but if you are not able to identify an Adult Leader who can take time off work, one of our college interns will accompany youth who apply as Individuals through the camp week.

Leadership Camp is open to youth in grades 9-11 at the time of application. Adult Leaders must be 21 years old.

Apply as a Congregation Team:

Do you have a group of high school youth who have gifts for leadership…perhaps they are already leading…and are ready for a bigger leadership experience that will connect them with other young leaders excited about growing in their faith? Leadership Camp is for you!

Apply as an Individual:

Do you want to grow in your faith and leadership skills, and are looking for a larger faith community to grow with? Leadership Camp is for you!

Dates: June 11-14, 2023 
Check-in begins at 2pm on Sunday, June 11. Program activities begin at 3pm. Camp will end at 4:30pm on Wednesday, June 14.

$200 for Individuals

$600 for Congregation teams of up to 6 people
Payment is due within two weeks of acceptance.
*Scholarships are available for individuals or congregations for whom the registration fee would be a hardship. Please contact Leigha Lange at [email protected] to request a scholarship.
**Congregations can bring more than 6 people, but would need to register as 2 Congregation Teams

Youth must be in grades 9-11 at the time of application.
Adult Leaders must be at least 21 years old.

Camp Vermilion

We will assess the status of COVID-19 and share the final protocols two weeks before Leadership Camp.

To apply, fill out the application at the link below.
We will accept Congregation Teams and Individuals on a rolling basis. You will be notified within two weeks if you have been accepted.

Use these worksheets as you prepare to fill out the Application Form.

    • Congregation Team Worksheet
    • Individual Worksheet
      These are only to help you prepare – you must fill out the forms using the green buttons below to apply!

Applications close May 12th 

Who can come?
The NE MN Synod Leadership Camp is open to participants from congregations within the Northeastern Minnesota Synod. Youth must be in grades 9-11 at the time of application, and Adult Leaders must be at least 21 years old by June 11, 2023.

Who should come?
Remember this is Leadership Camp! The youth who will have the best experience are those who are already leading in some way and excited about going deeper in their faith and leadership skills. While we believe all youth have gifts to share, it is important to consider which youth are ready to grow through this deeper leadership and faith experience. Leadership Camp should NOT be used as a confirmation or other requirement…but is an opportunity for youth who are looking for a place to grow in leadership and faith within a community who also takes their faith seriously! As you consider which youth to invite, you might consider:

  • Which youth show up on a regular basis and follow through when asked to be part of something?
  • Which youth ask questions and lean into learning and growing in their faith?
  • Which youth are excited to lead and find ways to serve? (And remember…leading doesn’t mean you have to be up front! Those who listen to others, notice people who need a friend, serve others…are all leaders!)
  • Which youth have leadership gifts that might be hidden to them, that you see, and they might discover when they are gathered with other faith-filled leaders?
  • Which youth come to mind as you are praying about this opportunity?

How many should we bring in our Congregation Team?
Congregation Teams can be whatever size you make them! The only requirement for a Congregation Team is that you have at least one adult for 5 youth – but you are welcome to bring more adults! You will not be alone if you are a team of two (one youth and one adult)…last year we had several this size!

We do encourage congregations to limit their teams to 6 people to encourage participants to mix in with other Congregation Teams and Individuals. But we also know on occasion there is an exceptional group of leaders that come through a program, so if you have more than 6 people you can register as two Congregation Teams.

What are the expectations for Adult Leaders?
Come and learn/grow/play with your youth! One of the gifts of attending a training with your youth, instead of doing it for your youth, is that someone different is up front saying things you normally would! You will also have the opportunity to connect with Adult Leaders from across the synod, learning from each other and your different ministry experiences. You will be housed with your young people, and responsible for their supervision. At the end of the camp, you will be equipped to work with your team to develop a plan for how you will use the skills when you return home.

Why do we apply, and not just register?
The application process begins your leadership development by asking questions on how you hope to grow and what you hope to learn from the experience. It also helps the Planning Team get to know you prior to Leadership Camp. We will accept applications on a rolling basis, notifying applicants within two weeks.

Can we register as a Congregation Team with another congregation?
Yes! If you plan to partner with another congregation this coming year, sharing Adult Leader responsibilities and working together to make a plan for how youth will use their skills when you return home…you are welcome to apply together! Please choose one adult to be your Primary Leader and contact.

What happened to the LYO Board, and how can youth or adults plan and lead synod events?
Those who attend the NE MN Synod Leadership Camp will be eligible to apply to serve on the LYO Board to plan synod events like the Middle School Gathering and Cardia Deo. More information will be shared during Leadership Camp and applications will be posted after camp. There is no expectation or requirement that Leadership Camp participants apply to serve on the LYO Board…but it is one way to use your leadership skills after camp!