Faith+Lead Rural Ministry Courses — With discounts for Synod members

Three courses are now up (two Pastor Keith Zeh created) for Rural Pathway at Faith+Lead.  Discount codes are available as well as the group cost option that allow congregations or groups of leaders to share Keith’s content at a significantly lower cost. Other classes also have this group feature.

Rediscovering Hope: Encouragement for Rural Ministry  All too often, ministry resources that have been created for urban and suburban churches just don’t make sense in rural congregations. See the course’s modules specifically designed with rural contexts. Discount Code – Rediscover#25

You’ve Been Asked to Preach: Now What? Unlock the discderning power of scripture selection. Gain critical skills in discering the right scriptiures to choose for your sermon and how to lead others in understanding their applications in their lives. Elevate your storytelling and communication skills. Discount Code – Asked25#

Entering Rural Ministry  This course will equip you for leading in a rural or small-town call whether you are the pastor or a lay leader. Created by Pastor Jon Anderson Discount Code – Enter25#

Faith+Lead_Resources for Small Town and Rural Ministry July 2023.pdf (flyer of 3 courses)