Synod Conferences

The Northeastern Minnesota Synod is one of 65 synods in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Made up of 130 congregations throughout 13 counties, we walk together as synod to welcome, connect, reform and support rostered and lay leadership in reaching out with the love of Jesus to our neighbors far and near.

The Northeastern Minnesota Synod is comprised of 5 conferences: Lake Superior, Laurentian, Living Waters, Heartland, and Kettle River. Each conference is served by an elected Dean and cabinet. The individual conferences meet on a regular basis as well as an annual conference assembly to elect officers, bring forth nominations for synod teams, and any Resolutions or Memorials the conference wishes to forward on to the synod assembly for consideration.

The Bishop of Northeastern Minnesota Synod is elected by voting members from the 130 congregations and serves a 6 year term. A bishop elected in the Northeastern Minnesota Synod is eligible to serve for two consecutive terms.


Brown = Native land/Reservations
Blue = Lake Superior Conference
Yellow = Laurentian Conference
Pink = Living Waters Conference
Green = Heartland Conference
Orange = Kettle River Conference