Youth Mental Health

The NE MN Synod Youth Ministry & Mental Health Initiative provides resources and education on mental health so we might begin to break the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and equip young people and leaders with resources within a faith context. There are five primary focus areas: mental wellbeing, anxiety, depression, suicide, and grief. Resources from the Initiative include:


For ministry leaders and parents.

Funding for the NE MN Synod Youth Ministry & Mental Health Initiative is provided through a generous grant from Disability Ministries, made possible through Always Being Made New: The Campaign for the ELCA. Permission is given to use these materials in your loal context as long as no profit is made from its use. 

Mental Health Discussion Guides and Kits:

Discussion guides to help young people learn about and have conversations on mental health conditions, ask questions, and give tools and resources…all within a faith context.