Together Here Ministries

Together Here

Creates space for transformational change by engaging in learning, listening and relationship building between diverse people groups and communities within the Northeastern Minnesota Synod.

What Is Together Here Ministries?

Together Here Ministries prepares our synod to walk with our racialized and marginalized neighbors in a process of learning, listening, and relationship building grounded in truth-telling and the reconciling love of Christ so that transformational change and healing can occur.

Together Here Ministries consists of the Advisory Board and two ministry teams: The Bridge Building Task Force and the Racial Justice Team.

The Bridge Building Task Force was created in response to the Northeastern Minnesota Synod Resolution 17.1, our synod’s commitment to partner with our Ojibwe neighbors as we repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery.

The Racial Justice Team was formed in 2020 as a Bishop’s initiative in response to the needs for social reform. Work of the Racial Justice Team is guided by the ELCA’s Strategy Toward Authentic Diversity adopted in 2019 by the Churchwide Assembly.

Together Here Ministries is committed to engaging in the ministry of mutual accompaniment through a process of learning and listening as we build authentic relationships between members of our congregations and members of Native American communities.​

Together Here Ministries is dedicated to forming resources and new ministry partnerships in order to allow for the process of truth-telling, listening, and healing between communities to occur.


Together Here Ministries is a synod-wide ministry serving within the communities of Northeastern Minnesota Synod. Communities in which congregations reside are labeled and grouped by conferences within our Synod. Federally recognized reservations are outlined. Federal off-reservation communities and some trust lands are also labeled to aid in increasing community awareness.