Adult Training

Adult Leadership Development

Growing in our own understanding of theology, youth ministry theories and practical skills matters in faith formation with young people. Research continues to show that when adults are learning and growing, youth are growing in their depth of faith and living their faith in their daily lives. You matter! Volunteers, parents, youth directors, pastors and all caring adults in the congregation!

​How can you spend time growing and learning this year? You don’t need to get your masters degree or go to seminary – although those are always great! Learning comes in many forms – spending time reading, listening to podcasts, watching online webinars or videos, attending local events, and networking with other leaders are easy ways you can stretch yourself and encounter innovative ways of doing ministry. Find what works best for you and what fits in your schedule. All learning – whether it’s taking five minutes to read an article or spending a week at a conference makes a difference! This page curates online learning opportunities and training events within and beyond our synod that will help you grow as a leader for the sake of faith formation in our young people.

NE MN Synod Training Events

The NE MN Synod has partnered with Tiger McLuen and Youth Ministry Consultants to provide synod youth ministry leaders with FREE adult leader education in 2023!

January 18, 2023 –

“While many questions are on the minds of today’s teenagers, we’ve unearthed the three primary questions we believe undergird all the rest.  They aren’t just young people questions; they are people questions.  They aren’t relevant only to adolescents; they are relevant to all of us…but for young people, the 3 big questions of identity, belonging and purpose are at a rolling, constant boil.”   We will discuss the 3 questions and the challenges facing teens today so you have practical next steps to connect with your students and lead them to Jesus!

Join Youth Ministry Consultants for a great conversation with Kara Powell– the Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute, and a leading voice in the world of youth and family ministry.  

Lessen the Heavy Load

You are invited to watch the recording of “Lessen the Heavy Load” with Joy Hensel (MA, LADC, ADC-MN) to be equipped with tools that can help you navigate challenging relationships and stress filled days. The presentation includes how to not carry other people’s burdens by exploring topics such as caretaking vs. caregiving, resentment, detachment and self compassion. It also shares stress relief activities to nurture mental well being.

Growing Young

Growing Young is a research-based strategy on how congregations can create a church culture to reach young generations in a way that breathes life into the whole church.

​Lay Leader Network Yearly Intensive Series

Sessions begin October 2022
As a life-long learning program, the Yearly Intensive Series is designed to give adult students opportunity to grow in their faith for the purposes of personal spiritual development, biblical and theological learning and enhancing missional leadership. It promotes intentional conversation for the discernment of gifts to be used in various ways in ministry and leadership within a person’s current congregation and in his/her community.

​Youth Ministry Network Meetings

We are better together in life, ministry and faith! Join area youth ministry leaders in Duluth, Brainerd, Camp Onomia and online for mutual support, networking, learning and resourcing for ministry.

Training Events Outside Our Synod

Extravaganza 2023

Hyatt Regency Orange County: Anaheim, CA
Intensive Care Course: February 2-3, 2023
Main Event: February 3-6, 2023
Join nearly 1000 children, youth and family ministry leaders from across the ELCA for continuing education, networking and renewal! You will learn from one of 7 Learning Tracks, dig deeper in workshops, and be resourced from 70+ exhibitors!

Peer Ministry Leadership

PML has resources, training events and coaching to equip youth and adults with faith-based relational skills to be lived every day, every where, in every relationship.


3rd Tuesday Conversations
A monthly podcast from the ELCA Youth Ministry Network

Youth Ministry Podcast
A weekly podcast featuring veteran ELCA Youth Ministry Leaders Erik Ullestad and Jake Bouma.


Fuller Youth Institute
Youth Ministry, Church and Parenting weekly posts that can be delivered to your inbox.

Peer Ministry Leadership
Weekly posts with insights and practical tools for equipping and empowering young people to do ministry.

Network is a Verb
Regular posts from the ELCA Youth Ministry Network.

Way to Lead
A weekly blog from one of the ELCA’s most creative organizations on the cutting edge of developing leaders and congregations.

Training on your own

Practice Discipleship
Practical training for Youth Ministry through webinars, videos and curriculum that can be used individually or with a group.

25 for 1 Gathering Project
Three, 25 minute webinar trainings that were first offered at the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering for Adult Leaders.